Marie J. Devery
Corralitos, California

Janice Spencer has been my trusting, reliable friend for over twenty years.  Our friendship and business relationship has always been phenomenal.  She is caring, loyal, and gracious.  She has brought me success and helped me and my husband with our many business transactions.

Janice Spencer Review
Tod and Barbara Williams
Owners – Little Caesars of Santa Cruz

“We have done many real estate and business transactions with Janice Spencer for over 15 years. She has a great ability to negotiate all issues within a purchase and/or sale of a residence, multi units and business. Janice has the personality to meet with all types of people and advocate for our needs. Knowledge of real estate, quick access to information, her follow up, hyper vigilance and negotiating skills are just some of her strong points.”

Janice Spencer Review
Richard and Marion Santora
Rio Del Mar, California

“We have had the pleasure to work with Janice Spencer for over 25 years.  We have done several transactions with her and all have been successfully executed.  Janice has our needs in mind.  She is sophisticated about market value, land sales and construction and helped us find a beautiful acreage in Soquel.  Janice has sold three personal residencies in Aptos and Soquel for us.  She is hyper viligant, caring, detailed, current on all the complex real estate laws and an excellent negotiator.  We highly recommend Janice for your real estate needs.”

Janice Spencer Review
Dan Gibbs

I have know Janice Spencer for over twenty three years both as a professional and trusted friend.

Janice worked with our family twenty three years ago to purchase our first Single Family home located in Aptos.  We were a young couple with a two year old baby and we fell in love with our dream house.  Janice was able to make this very challenging transactions work for us through hard work and perseverance.  This was not an easy deal to consummate because we needed sell our Condo in order to buy the house.  At first the Condo was not selling and we were in jeopardy of loosing the house that we so desired.  Janice was able to operate outside the box and make the deal happen by having the seller of the house move into our Condo with the agreement we would have the Condo on the market to sell so that we could refinance the new mortgage on the house at the time of selling the Condo.  In short everything worked out for everyone and from that point I have nothing but confidence in Janice as a Realtor and as a person.  Through out our years, Janice has assisted us in the real estate market.  Approximately twelve years ago we approached Janice with trying to locate a larger house due to our family increasing with our son Robert.  At the time we really couldn't find a better home compared to what we have.  After looking hard and long for the perfect next house without any luck, Janice recommended that we just remodel our existing house.  We took the advise and remodeled our existing house in which we still live in today.  Through out the years Janice has always been in touch with us to discuss the current real estate markets and to see how we are doing.  About  five years ago Janice assisted us on purchasing a lot in Rio Del Mar so that we could build our dream house.  We made the decision to put the lot up for sale last November.  Janice was able to sell our lot!

Janice was also able to help us find a Commercial Realtor in the Stockton area so that my business partner and I could list our Warehouse that we wanted to put on the Market.  Janice was there for us again and recommended a Realtor out of Stockton, which we are currently working with to lease or have purchase our Warehouse. 

Note only has Janice been a trusted Realtor for us over the years, but I can truly call Janice our friend and I appreciate her integrity and helpfulness with what ever our needs may be. 

Janice Spencer Review
Jay and Carol Sorkhabi
Aptos, CA

“Whenever we have a real estate need, Janice Spencer is our “go to” person.  Not only is she a knowledgeable person in the field of real estate but Janice always gives110%.   She is a realtor with a heart, who not only listens to your needs but also genuinely cares.  Janice works nonstop to get you what you need and want and doesn’t give up if the challenge becomes too difficult.  She treats people the way they should be treated and that is a wonderful trait.  She is very personable and knows  her job.  With Janice, you not only get an ace realtor but a lasting friendship.  Thanks Janice! “

Janice Spencer Review
Rob Rideout
MicroFit, Inc.
Seascape – Aptos, CA

“I would highly recommend Janice Spencer for any real estate brokerage, residential or commercial.  Janice is thorough, detailed, persistent, tenacious and extremely outgoing.  I know that I can trust Janice to keep my financial information confidential..  She is “on your side” when you are selling and buying a home.   I have done business with Janice for 20 years and have always been extremely pleased with her services.”


Laurie Searson
Aptos, Ca

“Janice has great attention to detail, great negotiating skills, and is a pleasure to work with. Her ability to negotiate with the banks, agents, buyers and sellers, is outstanding. I have enjoyed working with Janice and would highly recommend her to friends and family. She can take on complex transactions with ease.”


Liz Karzag
Rio Del Mar – Aptos, California

“The day I accidentally found Janice’s office was no mistake. After that chance meeting, I knew then and there that Janice would represent us in finding us a new home!

We found a home that perfectly matched all of our needs: a large yard for all of our pets, spacious bedrooms and above all, an ocean view with a quick walk to the beach!  Janice was so helpful to us throughout our search. She listened to us and always showed us homes matching our criteria.

Janice is a true professional who took the extra steps to explain the details of the property, the negotiation process and of the inspection. She was on top of the marketplace!  Janice really knows the Santa Cruz neighborhoods, house values and professionals whom homebuyers and sellers need to connect with in the market!

We are very grateful to Janice for her wealth of real estate acumen and her professional style and service. We are counting on Janice to represent us for our next adventure in a major home purchase decision!”

Steve Elmore
Santa Cruz, Ca


       Janice Spencer is an excellent realtor. Totally dedicated to her profession.
Always wanting to get more information to help out the sale or the buy of the property in question.  Always willing to go the extra mile to do what is necessary.Very capable of finding the right people, designers & contractors for any project.  She is very personable, friendly & intelligent.  People would be well served by using Janice as their realtor.

Linda Knipe
Felton, Ca

Janice Spencer did an amazing job with the recent sale of my home in North Monterey County, California.  She has a vast knowledge of real estate and the market. She knows negotiation and shoulders the entire process -- allowing her clients to enjoy the excitement of buying or selling their home without stressing over the details. All items that came up during the listing, selling and escrow process were taken care of by Janice immediately without any drama. 

I have known Janice for many years and have always been impressed by her energy, warmth, and her stick-to-itiveness. You will be forever grateful when choosing to work with Janice Spencer for any of your real estate brokerage needs.


Mary Jo Cowles

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JANICE SPENCER.  She is very detailed oriented and enthusiastic about real estate.  I sold a home in Contra Costa County.  Her expertise was invaluable.  She gave me names of many contractors and inspectors to choose from.   I was able to have the home repainted, buffed out the hardwood floors, and staged the home for sale.  We got a really great price.  Walking through the escrow process was easy since Janice explained everything in detail along the way. 

Although I have many commitments, the home sale was very important to me.  Janice explained how important it is to attend the inspections and I was there to make sure everything went well. 

Her marketing was excellent.  She made sure the brokers went through the home from Contra Costa Association of Real Estate.  She held open houses every weekend until it was sold.  And, she even held the open house on a Sunday with weather over 100 degrees.  Her advertising was excellent.  I know I will hire Janice again.

 Jesse Carpenter

Janice is an excellent realtor with an intimate knowledge of the central coast real estate market. Her years of experience combined with her insight into our needs helped us to find the right home for our family. Janice works to understand the value that a property will bring to a buyer and offers that advice throughout the process.

 As a first time buyer I was intimidated by the amount of paperwork that goes along with the process, but Janice made it easy for us. She worked closely with us through every step to ensure that we were putting our best foot forward. In the end, she knew just how competitive the market had become and just what we needed to do get our purchase. Two or three other offers came in on the house we wanted, but Janice made sure that we were the ones that were best positioned to get the purchase.

Janice really cares about the people that she is working for and we sincerely appreciate her dedication and commitment! Thanks Janice for helping us to find our home!

Kathleen Sturtevant

     I have been working with Janice Spencer for many years now.  She preformed miracles selling my home in Corraltios nearly fifteen years ago.  I did not have my home on the market but found my dream home and wanted to buy it.  She put my house on the market and got it sold in 30 days so I could buy my dream home. She held open house and called everyone back personally to make the sale.  It worked and I got my dream home. 

     She has integrity and great class which is so important when it comes to Real Estate.  She has been in the business for a very long time.  I feel this gives her an edge when it comes to a great transaction.  She knows things a new Realtor might not understand or even know.  I have great confidence in her ability. 

     She takes the time a person needs when finding that new home.  She has your back when it comes to your negotiations.  I love her style and will continue to use her for all the new homes I buy in the future. 

     We recently worked together again and she went beyond what she needed to to get me into my new home.

     It was simply a pleasure to work with her again.  I can't say enough great things about her.

Lance Cowles

I wanted to spend a minute writing about my realtor Janice Spencer. She has extreme knowledge of the market. I feel she takes you on as family and walks you through the whole process. Janice pays attention to details a homeowner would overlook or assume not important. She helped us to make our home appeal to a broader market which helps bring more money. I truly feel in your interview of at least three agents you will find Janice superior.
San Jose, California


My wife and I were in search of our first home purchase in 2009.  We were excited, but also very nervous to be making such a big purchase.  Janice Spencer was our realtor and was amazing at understanding our perspective as first time home buyers.  She understood what we were going through and was able to walk us through the entire process, step by step.  We were in a very competitive investor market and because we did not have a large downpayment, we made several offers that were turned down.  Janice was always patient and talked us through each offer so that we would put forward the most competitive offer we could.  She always kept us positive even when several of our offers were rejected.  Once we made an offer that was accepted, Janice made sure we took all the neccessary steps to protect ourselves from surprises.  She introduced us to an experienced general contractor as well as a home inspector.  She walked us through what to ask them when they did their inspection and made sure we were well informed about our home. 

Overall, we were able to get the home we wanted in a great neighborhood even in a competitive environment.  We were able to sleep a lot better a night knowing that our realtor was looking out for us.  Janice was always upfront and had our best interest in mind. I would gladly reccomend her to other people looking to purchase a home.  Thank you Janice!

Thomas A. Gardiner
Rio Del Mar, Ca

TOP of the TOP Real Estate Broker Associate - Whether the Seller being counseled on market conditions for Listing property for sale or engaging Buyer's Agency pursuing the American Dream of 1st time home ownership, Janice exemplifies professionalism cultured with the personal 'human touch' and the 'can do' mindset, always a pleasure to refer Janice.

Steve M. Courtheyn
Santa Cruz, California

I have known Janice Spencer for 25 years. My wife and I have worked with Ms. Spencer doing real estate transactions. Ms. Spencer above all is the most honest and reliable person.   Her dependability to do what is morally correct is beyond question. As a school teacher, I would recommend her to all of my colleagues and students.

February 21, 2015 

Janice Spencer represented the seller in a transaction that I was the buyer in 2012. I found her to be very thorough, honest, smart and hardworking. The house I purchased had very many issues and Janice put an immense amount of work  to address them. I will give just one example of many – the neighbors claimed that a cypress tree at the edge of the property damaged their walkway. Janice was able to come up with an old subdivision survey which showed that at least half of the tree is owned by the complaining neighbors. 

It was a pleasure to work with Janice and during the long process (it was a short sale…) I developed lots of respect towards her. Her extensive experience is so helpful! 

Since the transaction closed in 2012, I have always consulted with Janice whenever a problem came up with our real estate holdings. She is always available to help and her advice is priceless. 

I highly recommend Janice to be your agent-she will do a great job representing you!

Yaffa Scranton, Broker First Choice Real Estate Services
Los Gatos, California